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I Know It's Been A While...
I know that it's been a while since I've typed on here, so I thought I'd say something. Today was a great day. Molly came to surprise me at school, and she came around 10am. WAAAY early for me on a Sunday, but it was worth waking up for. It was quite a surprise to have her come up here, seeing as how I haven't been feeling to great lately. She took care of that, and we got to watch a movie and relax, just like at home.

When she got her, she noticed that I wrote a note on dan's desk saying: fyi-- it smells like mold in the living room, and stay out of our bedroom.

She saw it, asked about it, and I told her that dan put a similar one up on my door that morning, so I did one for him. She proceeded in saying "that's why they hate you".

it made me feel bad, but it's true. i get so annoyed easily, that I just try to fix whatever problems going on, and it usually results in me not getting my way.

When molly and I were leaving tho, dan told me that i "had too many boxes in the trash, asshole", as to which i decided to stand up for myself, and say "i bought the trashcan, I bought the trashbags, I can put as many boxes in it as I want, asshole."

It felt good to stand up for myself, but we'll see where things go.

Overall I had a good weekend. got to relax all day yesterday, and got to see my love today, and have a grand ol' time with her.

Only 40 long more days til Summer, and 11 til easter break.

I can't wait to be home.