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Well, that was a fast first week of school. My classes are pretty easy, but its only the beginning. I enjoy my Fridays. I only have 1 class, and thats at 1pm, so I get to sleep in laaaate. Which means, I can go out on Thirsty Thursdays :)

Recently, I've been given  timeslot on my schools radio station, WPTC 88.1, so at nighttime, I can do my own radio show. I can play anything I want, and its from 8-10 on monday nights. Something I've been wanting to do for a while, is make a dubstep show. So many people here listen to dubstep, it's only right to have a show dedicated to that. Maybe then, if we get more listeners, they wont close down the radio station. It's such bullshit. at the end of my 1st semester here, they sent me a letter saying that they're ending my major because "low amounts of people applying". BULLSHIT. 

Well it's Saturday. Dan's asleep. Camerons out with his mom. and I get to stay in my room and watch southpark because I have no life whatsover up here.

Until later,


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