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I Know It's Been A While...
I know that it's been a while since I've typed on here, so I thought I'd say something. Today was a great day. Molly came to surprise me at school, and she came around 10am. WAAAY early for me on a Sunday, but it was worth waking up for. It was quite a surprise to have her come up here, seeing as how I haven't been feeling to great lately. She took care of that, and we got to watch a movie and relax, just like at home.

When she got her, she noticed that I wrote a note on dan's desk saying: fyi-- it smells like mold in the living room, and stay out of our bedroom.

She saw it, asked about it, and I told her that dan put a similar one up on my door that morning, so I did one for him. She proceeded in saying "that's why they hate you".

it made me feel bad, but it's true. i get so annoyed easily, that I just try to fix whatever problems going on, and it usually results in me not getting my way.

When molly and I were leaving tho, dan told me that i "had too many boxes in the trash, asshole", as to which i decided to stand up for myself, and say "i bought the trashcan, I bought the trashbags, I can put as many boxes in it as I want, asshole."

It felt good to stand up for myself, but we'll see where things go.

Overall I had a good weekend. got to relax all day yesterday, and got to see my love today, and have a grand ol' time with her.

Only 40 long more days til Summer, and 11 til easter break.

I can't wait to be home.

Writer's Block: Groundhog Day
Did the groundhog see its shadow? What do you think?

No, it's all a tourism trick of Punxatawney, PA

It's Been A While
My bad.
I haven't posted on here in a while.

For starters, I had my first radio show on the 23rd, which was pretty fun. I had some people call in, some I knew, some I didn't. It was pretty cool. Tomorrow I do my 2nd show, which should run more smoothly.

Molly was here this weekend, actually just Saturday, but it was great.
I can't wait for Spring Break, I miss home so much.

I felt like I had so much more to type, but now I just forgot it all.

Oh well,
I'll try to update this more frequently.

Easiest thing in the world. Now I can be on the radio even when im not in the station.

Yay to 6 hours of Sam Finley on the radio on mondays! :/

wtf did I get myself into.

Ill blog more tomorrow, I feel like shit.


iChat, I abandoned you for 3 years, and yet you still work when I need you.

The Sound
In December of 2011, I was home, during the day, alone, and decided to go outside to smoke. Once out there, I heard a sound. Now, usually, there are planes that fly above, and the sound of the passing jet moves quite quickly. This sound I heard, was consistent for 2-3 Minutes. I had no clue what was going on, and until today, I was never able to find anyone who had heard it, or yet videotaped it.

Today, I found a website where around the world people have posted videos they recorded of this sound, and now, I have proof that I AM NOT insane.

There's a total of 5 videos, each a compilation of videos from around the world


(no subject)
she makes me sad.
she doesnt see that shes perfect
she doesnt know that maybe she does make a great impact on someone

oh well, i better stop trying to convince her, its only making her mad.

i have a headache, and cameron keeps talking in his sleep.
im gonna go try and make words/sentences out of his jumbled sayings

Well, that was a fast first week of school. My classes are pretty easy, but its only the beginning. I enjoy my Fridays. I only have 1 class, and thats at 1pm, so I get to sleep in laaaate. Which means, I can go out on Thirsty Thursdays :)

Recently, I've been given  timeslot on my schools radio station, WPTC 88.1, so at nighttime, I can do my own radio show. I can play anything I want, and its from 8-10 on monday nights. Something I've been wanting to do for a while, is make a dubstep show. So many people here listen to dubstep, it's only right to have a show dedicated to that. Maybe then, if we get more listeners, they wont close down the radio station. It's such bullshit. at the end of my 1st semester here, they sent me a letter saying that they're ending my major because "low amounts of people applying". BULLSHIT. 

Well it's Saturday. Dan's asleep. Camerons out with his mom. and I get to stay in my room and watch southpark because I have no life whatsover up here.

Until later,

So, Molly added me on livejournal. My first friend! I got to read some of the stuff she posted about me, and it made my heart melt. This girl and I have been on different levels the past year, and I never knew why. Now I do, and im so glad we've reached an even ground. I fell for her the moment I saw her at five below, and have longed for this feeling of completeness. She was so nervous about me seeing her blog, but I dont know why. Nothing said there changed the way I thought about her (in a negative way) but made me have an even higher admiration of this beautiful girl. she means a whole lot to me, and no girl up here compares to what I have back home waiting for me.

netflix instant queue.
i'm going to be up alllll night.

So this is my first post. I haven't really been that great in the past with blogs, mostly because nobody reads them, which makes me feel that I shouldn't write. Hopefully, on here, unlike the past, someone would care to read, no matter how stupid and meaningless my posts are. What should I write? I mean, I'm a college kid. Im working at the schools radio station for 4 hours on mondays, as well as working with the television studio for one of my classes. I'm so happy that my work is finally going to be related to my major, and be more hands on than just stupid gen ed classes.

It's rainy up here, but what else is new in Williamsport?
I miss Molly so much, and it's only been a week. 
Why oh why did winter break have to be so short?
Hopefully she misses me as much as I miss her.